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Hello nature lover.....!

What exactly delineates a water garden from a pond or lake? Possibly the human need to extend the natural boundaries found around it. Transforming what was once a basic necessity into a work of art. Humans shape the world to suit their needs. 

From the most basic elements; water to air, we have found a way to transport and store what we need from the world around us. Water gardens began from the need to store and keep supplies of water in arid locations and through times of drought in other locations.

Even in the earliest of times, artistic skills were valued and became highly evolved transporting the simple need for water into places of tranquility, beauty, sound and prominence in many cultures. Would the Taj Mahal be as majestic without the long pool of water stretching the beauty of the scene to infinity?


Egyptians, Romans, Minoans, all the early civilizations had water sites with fountains, pools, fish and plants. Some of these were indeed elaborate and complicated in some cases to move water from one place to the other. And we pretend that we are new and innovated! Maybe motors, tubing and plastic containers are, but the basics hold true even in water gardening.

This artistry comes into play by strategically placing plants, statues, fountains or ornamentals to either blend with surroundings or dominate the scene. Using fish, tile, stones, and/or shrubbery, grasses and flowers can tie the whole scene onto a finished product. Water gardening is one of the fastest growing do-it-yourself and very popular home improvement projects.


Man made materials have extended this field of endeavor making it easy to choose form and size from the beginning. Plants are researched, grown and marketed for the water garden alone. Fountains can be made from almost any familiar object on hand or with the formality of precision beauty from an artist. Books, containers, fertilizers, water treatments, ornamentals and more are in abundance for the modern water gardener of today. This would definitely be a wonderful family project to be enjoyed for years to come. I hear the gently, trickling water calling me now. Do you?

Hello nature lover.....!

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